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Boring History is now... history.

Sick of falling asleep in history class? So are we.

Learn history like it happened - fun, engaging, and full on!

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Courses Available

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Intro to the Romans

Who were the Romans and where did they come from? I know that they were a big deal, but what did they actually do?

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The Fall of Rome

How did an empire spanning almost half the world collapse and come to a sudden halt? What are the warnings signs for ourselves?

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The Greek City States

The home of democracy, philosophy, mathematics, medicine, and more. How revolutionary were these states really?

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Sparta 101

This is Sparta! Who were these military crazed meditterean warriors? Did they really wear short skirts and fight the Persians?

History meets Gamification

Animated Video Lectures - Relive history as a large portion of our video lectures feature animation. Don’t just hear about history, watch it unfold before you!

Choose a Character - Pick from a variety of characters and set out on conquering Ancient History.

Level Up - Work your way up from a Plebeian to an Imperial Conqueror.

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Interactive Games - We realise that people often learn best whilst playing games. So we’ve developed fun & strategic games that don’t just reward but enrich your learning.

Maintain Streaks - Earn additional points by maintaining streaks and staying on track with your goals.

Set Daily Goals - Choose to learn history at a pace that works for you.

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